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  1. Power Plug Status
  2. Power Plug History
  3. Power Plug Settings

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Power Plug Detail View

All aspects of the power plug can be managed or viewed from the power plug Detail view including its current ON/OFF status, settings, and history.

The Power Plug Detail View shows the power plug ON/OFF status at the top of the page, followed by sub-tabs to view Settings and History. Each section can be viewed by clicking on the desired tab.

Power Plug Status

From the Power Plug Status Bar, you can view the current ON/OFF status of the power plug. The Power Plug Status bar also displays the WiFi signal strength reported by the power plug.

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Power Plug History

Power plug changes, such as on/off status changes and power recordings, will be recorded and displayed here. Graphing coming soon.

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Power Plug Settings

The Power Plug Settings screen allows users to configure the behavior of the power plug. Each configuration is detailed below.

Serial Number

This is the unique serial number of the power plug and cannot be edited. If the serial number was entered incorrectly when the power plug was registered, the power plug must be deleted and re-added to make the correction.


You can choose any name for the power plug such as "Family Room" or "Upstairs". 100 character limit.

Power Plug Schedule

A schedule can be created to change the ON/OFF state at specified times. For example, you can have the power plug turn a device ON at 9AM and then turn OFF at 6PM.

**Please Note: There is limitation to the number of schedule changes each model of power plug can support. The LS-P50 and LS-P100/LS-P100M can support 7 schedule changes per day for each day of the week.


The Location (or Property) where your power plug is placed.

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